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RFiD Discovery

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Used in over 100 hospitals throughout the UK and worldwide for over 15 years, RFiD Discovery provides integrated tracking solutions using active and passive RFID, BLE and other location technologies. The RFiD Discovery asset tracking system is the ideal tool to track mobile medical devices and other assets in busy hospital environments. Proven to provide a strong return on investment, the system helps hospitals minimise time spent looking for equipment, improve utilisation and save costs. In addition to asset tracking and GS1 labelling, RFiD Discovery provides systems for patient flow and discharge management, sterile service tracking, inventory management, baby tagging, patient and staff safety, medical record tracking and automated temperature monitoring.

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Country: United Kingdom

Product Category: Medical device tracking, RFID asset tracking, Inventory management


  • Medical device tracking
  • asset tracking
  • inventory management
  • patient flow tracking
  • GS1 labelling
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